Wood Therapy


Cellulite Treatment

  Wood therapy is an alternative non-invasive procedure

with surprising results due to its high level of drainage. The

high degree of acceptance it has had in many countries of

the world has been classified as a form of improvement and

bodily perfection.  Wood therapy is the latest innovation in

reducing massages, a slimming treatment in which wood

instruments are used, such as rollers and hallow suction cups, accompanied by some special oil to mold your silhouette reducing the deposits of fat that form these "rollitos" aka "rolls." A session that works on the entire body lasts about 45 minutes. The first step is a reductive hand massage that is done for the purpose to prepare the skin for the next step: massage with wooden instruments. The wood therapy can be used in treatments of reduction, toning and sculpting. Visible effect from the first sessions Improve the appearance of cellulite and elasticity of the skin. Reaffirms tones and shapes. It stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation.


45 minute procedure - $65 per treatment

Average client will need 6-12 treatments to see full results

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